If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.--Anne Bradstreet

    The time we all look forward to-spring.  This is especially true for New Englanders.
  After endless snow storms, the first signs of spring are eagerly welcomed.

     It doesn't matter what your idea of enjoying a garden is--starting everything from seed,    
  picking out your favorite plants at the garden center, peeking over the fence at your
  neighbor's yard, or walking through a community garden.

    We have pieces to add to your garden or to bring your garden theme inside.  You'll
  find tableware, tea lights, plaques, plant pots, & birdfeeders.  Use inside or outside, on
  fences, patio walls, a trellis, or set in the garden.  You will notice that we have frogs
  from a 1"pin to our large garden frog.  Frogs are considered to be a good omen
  representing happiness, joy, great friendships, & change. These are traditional gifts
  for a new home owner.

    As you get ready to enjoy the warm, sunny days ahead, we hope you'll take a few minutes
  to visit our garden accents & find an item that will add a little joy to your garden &
  make you smile.


       Outside items will not fade in bright sunlight.         Do not let water freeze in pieces.

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